Guest House

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Guest house

The capacity of the Hostel is 17 seats of hospitality. In the space of 85 years of operation of the Station Teen has hosted more than 2,500 boys aged 12-20 years old of various nationalities. Target group are boys, unaccompanied minors who have lodged or intend to lodge an asylum request, coming from countries where they are recognised the right to protection under the Geneva convention. Are children who have been removed from the family and τηπατρίδα because of war or serious disasters. Often children are victims of trafficking and torture.

Import Process

For the entrance of a child to the Station, Adolescents need to be referred by a public authority or non-governmental organization. First contact is with the social service of the Station which, if there are places available and after taking into account the characteristics of the adolescent, makes recommendations to the board.Of the Association the inclusion of the adolescent in the power of the Hostel. Following the creation of folder health of the guest, taking a full social history, updated and acceptance of the regulation function. In the last years the referrals of the children are made through the E.K.K.A.

Process Support

The process in support of score, starts with the agreement for the residence time in the hostel and the content of the activities in this period, which is reviewed with the progress of time. With the adulthood and after they have completed their studies at school, starts the preparation for the departure, in order to allow the other children to be accommodated.

Services Provided

All the hosted children and adolescents services are provided: Housing, feeding and health care, social counseling, legal and psychological support and information. Also provided professional guidance and training, individual-team sports and entertainment, Greek language classes and support in school. We also follow procedures for family reunification and reintegration.

Services Provided


Housing, feeding, and comprehensive daily care. Health care.


Social counseling, psychological support and information. Taking all necessary actions for the issuance of legal documents and legal support.


Greek lessons from volunteers. Aid for students to attend the school. Actions for social inclusion and participation in events and sporting activities


Vocational guidance, training & rehabilitation. Preparation and connection with the labour market.


Counseling and support for autonomy.

Admission Procedure Form

Service Provider Form