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The Association for the Care of Minors is specifically recognized charity (ΝΔ1010/72). Founded in 1924 with the main donor Emmanuel Benaki. For the attainment of the objectives of the Association created in 1925 the Station of Teenagers, a hospice which, since it works without interruption. In 1985 the Station moved into a privately-owned two-storey building, on the street Ισαύρων 48, Exarchia. To date, over 2500 young people of a variety of social needs and nationalities have been hosted at the Station. In the last few years it consists of 17 seats, while the teenagers that are hosted are unaccompanied minors from countries that have been affected by wars and disasters.

The purpose

The purpose of the Association is the provision of comprehensive care and support to 17 unaccompanied teenagers and children from countries affected by wars and disasters. Guests young people acquire legal documents of residence, and then working, trained and integrated in the Greek society, in case the family reunification is not achieved. The aim of the organization is to cover all the needs of guests in line with the Convention on the Rights of the child, the relevant laws and Agreements of the European Union and any relevant recommendations and Directive of the European Commission.


The Association for the Care of Minors is governed by a seven member Board which is elected every three years by the members of the. The members of the Board of directors shall not be remunerated for their services. The Station Teen is staffed by a social worker and staff day and night care. Special experts take care of the legal support and education of children. The Association cooperates with institutions and non-governmental organisations and has built stable partnerships with networks of partners for the development of voluntary actions.


Main sources of revenue are subscriptions of members, donations, sponsorship and funding from European Programmes. Since 2009, the largest part of the cost of the Station is covered by the European Refugee Fund with the assistance, supervision and control of the Ministry of Labour – Social Security and Welfare, which controls and quality of service. The economic function of the entity audited and certified by Certified public accountants, designated by the competent Ministry. In recent years, the annual cost per guest arrives at the amount of 9.518 €. () (year 2013)


The Association for the Care of Minors cooperate with other organisations and public services so that, in addition to meet the needs of guests for food and clothing, to them are also provided psycho-social support, necessary legal assistance, educational support and inclusion, recreational and educational opportunities and vocational counseling, and promotion of procedures for the issuance of legal documents for professional integration, so that the transition to adulthood to be able to respond in the autonomous being. In this context, it has build solid partnerships through informal or organised networks of collaborators, it is equally important and the two.


The Association for the Care of Minors considers Voluntary work as a service of great altruism and solidarity among people, and in particular when this concerns minors, who are deprived of their family. From its inception until today, is based on voluntary work and the generous sponsorship of many sensitive citizens. He has acquired particular experience in the field of cooperation with the volunteers, who are usually trained and long term partners, that provide a high level of service.